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Plenary 1 : Sustainability

Discussion: How to navigate through the Cocoa Supply Chain with latest sustainability needs in todays market


The cocoa industry has been under heavy scrutiny for its impact on the environment and the well-being of farmers and workers involved in the supply chain. Todays market poses such high threat on sustainability of cocoa as we are constantly challenged by crop performance in major regions, and issues on farmer livelihoods. Additionally new legislations such as the EU Deforestation Regulation, continue to make it challenging for participants to navigate through the supply chain, whilst catering to a strong demand, in a sustainable manner.

In response, CAA will kick start the first plenary session on the insights gathered during the first-of-its-kind: Farmers Network Forum led by CAA. The session which is held pre-conference is a forum developed for farmers to ideally tackle the age old question – how can they help us ensure the survival of cocoa. We will use some of the nuances around challenges farmers face in meeting todays sustainability demands and agricultural difficulties then share their experiences around best practices and grievances to the larger audience during the conference.

After this, the panel will discuss the cocoa supply chain involving multiple stakeholders with a strong backbone in sustainability and how to navigate this through their experiences over the years. The plenary will aim to address how the industry can collectively come together and help our farmers address the survival of cocoa, and to navigate through new and upcoming legislations and policies.



Plenary 2 : What in the “cocoa” world is going on! (Global markets) 

Discussion:  Future of Asian Cocoa


Dubbed a cocoa catastrophe and the new bitcoin, todays cocoa prices at time of writing have soared a whooping 230% year on year with no end in sight. Experienced traders who have seen through the rise of political uprising, energy shortages, broken infrastructure have always churned the mantra cocoa always comes out – this time however, the market sees this sentence differently.

During plenary 2, experts will discuss the intersection between macroeconomics and cocoa fundamentals with todays market developments. They will firstly explore the impact of macroeconomic factors, such as inflation and exchange rates on the cocoa industry. Subsequently delving into the fundamentals of cocoa production and consumption, the speaker will provide a comprehensive view of supply and demand dynamics, weather patterns, and global consumption patterns.

The seasoned array of panelists will share their insights on how to navigate through this storm of factors that today affects us all globally. As prices continue to soar, the panel will ideally touch upon  a few subjects that have been coming to recent light – mainly the importance of risk management and hedging to manage pricing volatilities, the rise of counterparty risks and increased financing across the supply chain as prices print new highs and last but not least, the challenges faced by Asia as a key player in navigating through markets in view of EUDR.



Plenary 3 : Global Marketing Trends

Discussion: Trends in Chocolates & Compounds


The chocolate and compounds sector is experiencing a fascinating period of transformation, with new trends and breakthroughs emerging regularly. Amidst the challenges of fluctuating markets and heightened consumer demand, the industry is witnessing an unprecedented surge in innovation.

With a focus on sustainability and adaptability, there is a growing need for alternative ingredients and creative solutions. Our distinguished panel of industry pioneers and market experts is set to delve into the realm of innovative marketing strategies, emerging trends, and unique claims within the cocoa and chocolate landscape.

By engaging in this enlightening dialogue, participants will gain valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the industry and the potential limitations of traditional cocoa-based products. Together, we are poised to navigate the intricate future of food science, paving the way for innovative and sustainable advancements in the realm of chocolate and compounds


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