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Doug Hawkins


Doug Hawkins


Agronomy Capital Advisors Limited


Doug Hawkins has combined a 40-year career in the international capital markets arena, as an analyst, investment banker and industrial sector advisor, alongside a private focus on agriculture. As Chairman of Agronomy Capital Advisors Ltd, established in 2006, Doug has developed an advisory service business which fuses capital markets services with in depth knowledge of the value chains for many of the major agri-commodities including, cocoa, coconuts, dates, timber products, palm oil, natural rubber and tree nuts. In addition to serving as Chairman of Agronomy Capital Advisors Ltd, Doug also serves on the boards of a number of companies operating in these value chains, including the boards of Andean Cacao Ltd (a company investing in the cocoa production sector), Bacao S.A.S., (a cocoa production business in Colombia), and the Academy of Chocolate, (an institution based in London and focused on the promotion of excellence in the production of chocolate and chocolate based products, known internationally for its annual Taste Awards, The Golden Bean and Golden Bonbon).

Raised in the New Zealand dairy sector, Doug has farmed beef cattle under an organic production system in the UK for the past 31 years.